Wednesday, November 29, 2006

We Be Here!

This post is a bit of a test. We are using our HAM e-mail system to update our web site. If it works, we will be able to update the site while we are on the move and do not have to search out internet cafes. We actually compose the e-mail on our computer, then transmit it on a high frequency to a shore station many miles away. The shore station captures our signal and routes the information to the internet. Shore stations are located all over the world so we pick one that provides us with a good connection. The shore stations are set up and run by volunteers and all the software to accomplish these tasks has been written by volunteers. And with a HAM licence, it is free. The whole system is really quite amazing and we really appreciate the work and dedication of all the volunteers.

We have been in Trinidad for two hectic weeks. We left Toronto on the 16th of November in pouring rain and 7C weather and arrived in Trinidad in pouring rain and 30C weather. The humidity sort of took our breath away. In the last few weeks we prepped Vagus for launch, launched Vagus 4 days after arrival (a record for us), I fell off the dock, we cleaned Vagus inside and out, put up the sails, inflated the dinghy, provisioned with enough food for about three months, and now we are nearly ready to travel.

Now the interesting point is, really, when did we feel we truly arrived? For me it was last Monday - another baking hot day. I was returning from one of my numerous trips to the local chandler to purchase more boat parts. I realized I was walking at my Caribbean shuffle pace - sort of a lazy saunter that does not bring out a sweat in the hot sun. Gone was the arm swinging, power walking acquired during life up North. No, the saunter felt good. I be here!

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