Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ahhh - At Anchor!

Last Wednesday, we unplugged Vagus' umbilical cord to the shore power, rolled up her dock lines and made the transition from being dock dwellers to being on-water dwellers. We plan to keep Vagus away from docks until next May.

One week after our aborted departure, the weather finally looked good enough to sail North. Six other boats also agreed and the morning cruiser's radio net in Chaguaramas was full of good byes from departing vessels. We spent a hectic Wednesday morning clearing customs, picking up and loading our duty free items (e.g. rum), and doing all the last minute things required to prepare Vagus for sea.

Finally, about 1:30pm, all hot, sweaty and somewhat tired, we actually left dock and started motoring into Chaguaramas Bay. With sails up, we bounced through a rip tide at the Boca entrance - a small channel leading out of Trinidad, notorious for being rough when wind and tides do not agree. The wind and seas soon steadied and, finally, we were sailing. We had a great sail on our heading towards Grenada. We even got to watch the Gemini meteor shower that night as we sailed northwards. The weather was so good we decided to bypass Grenada and motor sailed in the lee of Grenada towards Carriacou. Carriacou is a small island just North of Grenada that is still a part of Grenada, just more rural. Carriacou is Carib word for "island surrounded by reefs". Today Carriacou is known as "an island with over a hundred rum shops and only one gas station". I am not sure on the rum shop count, but can attest that they do have only one gas station. We had a wonderful visit last May so we decided to make this a stopping off place for "awhile". Twenty four hours after leaving Trinidad we were sitting at anchor in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou. The Trinidad humidity is gone, the water is clear, swimming off Vagus is great, the breeze is fresh and the people are friendly. There is even a WiFi service that covers the whole anchorage. Life is good!

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