Friday, December 8, 2006

Still Here

Well, we are still in Trinidad. It came right down to the wire. We had everything on board, had checked out of the marina, and were ready to go to Customs & Immigration first thing on Wednesday morning to check out of Trinidad. That was until we listened to the 6:30am weather report on Wednesday. The Trinidad & Tobago weather service had just issued a rough seas advisory - the seas had not dropped overnight as they were supposed to do. The water obviously had not been following the forecaster's advice. Now I have this thing about rough seas. If I have a choice, I prefer to stand in the cockpit and look over the waves - not look up at them. So we bailed - went to the marina office to re-check in and then back to Vagus to pour another cup of coffee. We will be here for another week until hopefully the next weather window opens - back to life in Trinidad. One bonus to staying was we got to go to an excellent bridge lesson later in the day over at Crews Inn, put on by another Canadian cruiser. Such is cruising life!

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