Friday, January 19, 2007

St. Lucia

We got our tour. One thing we find helpful when trying to sort out a new island is to arrange for a tour. We were lucky as our friends on Paramour III arrived at the same time and could recommend a local guide. Even better, they came with us.  Linus was available on Thursday so off we went. After traveling on taxis of various vintages on other islands, we were surprised when Linus showed up with a new Toyota mini-van - luxury. Even the AC worked! (At least, Linus offered it but we didn't try it as we prefer the breezes.)  We drove down the island from Rodney Bay, first passing through Castries, the main city and cruise ship port. We plan to go on a day trip by bus to Castries in a few days.  The bus is about a $1. The drive down the coast has enough twists and turns to break a snakes back. In fact, you can motor on a sailboat down the coast faster than you can drive it. But the roads are paved and good.

Our next stop was the fishing village of Anse La Raye, where we picked up some trinkets from the lovely ladies at the booths - who can resist someone who calls you sweetie. Then we were off to Diamond Falls and the botanical gardens where Josephine (Napoleon's Squeeze) bathed in the medicinal waters. We were already wet from the tropical showers (it is a rain forest) so passed on the bathing bit. We drove through the center of a volcano, complete with bubbling springs and sulphurous belches. It is the only drive-through volcano in the Caribbean. We had to go. For lunch, we went to Dasheen - a luxury resort on the side of a mountain. Now you have to picture this - we are now 1000 feet above the water, perched on the side of a cliff (you look over your table and you look down and and down and see little boats anchored in the little bay) and directly on each side of us is a Piton, rising 2100 feet out of the water. It was an incredible view. What a lunch stop! So a few hours later, nicely full and relaxed, Linus wound us back to Rodney Bay and our awaiting dinghies.

There is lots to see and do in St. Lucia. Tourism is their number one moneymaker (next is bananas)and they are serious about offering lots of value for visitors. The people are friendly and the island is beautiful. They should do well.

Tour done, it's back to boat jobs for me.

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