Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Ah Sunday! The good Lord has it right - Sunday should be a day of rest. Life on a sailboat tends to be a 24 x 7 adventure. There are always boat jobs to be done or supplies to get. So it is nice to try to take a real break once a week, put all those jobs and must-do's aside, and enjoy where you are. Such was our start last Sunday. I slept in to the glorious hour of 7:30 and woke to a blue sky and sunshine. Normally I am up at 6:30 listening to the weather nets - but the weather can wait until Monday. We have a leisurely breakfast, then relax in the cockpit with a cup of coffee, reading the latest sailing news. Life is good. The local yacht club puts on a Sunday lunch here in St. Lucia and there is the promise of a domino game with other yachties after lunch.

All looks promising - until we are getting ready to go to the club and Karen announces that the head pump is leaking. The pump is not just leaking - it is gushing stuff that really should go overboard - into our bilge! Our boat takes on a certain odour reminiscent of our trip through the volcano. I announce to Karen that a pump rebuild is required. So much for the afternoon as I haul out the pump rebuild kit instead of the domino game. I know this pump. I installed this pump. And I know that I have to disassemble half the bathroom to get at this pump. I do not look forward to it. Karen makes lunch before I start as it will be a long day. After lunch, I notice the storm clouds building. Gone is the blue sky as rain showers appear on the horizon. Great, not only do I have to fix the head pump, but I have to do it in a closed-up, hot boat as rain settles in for the afternoon. Fortunately, my nose decides to take a holiday after about 10 minutes and I cannot smell what I am worki
ng on. Karen has to retreat to the fresh air of the wet cockpit. The job proceeds (bad pun). About 4:00, I finish cleaning the pump and can now start the reassembly. I have more cuts on my hands than fingers and sweat is continuously dripping from my brow. I test the pump. It leaks at a different spot. I pull out the pump again and apply silicone sealant to anything that is supposed to seal. Back goes the pump. The test is successful. It is now after 5:30. I have been going continuously since 12:30 and am beat. I shower, apply antibiotic cream all over my hands and settle back on the settee as Karen cleans up and prepares dinner. Friends call on the radio to ask why we missed the dominoes game. Sympathy is extended and plans made instead for the next day. Cruising - what a life!

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