Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Antigua Week 6

Here it is - the important news of the week - Karen won at domino's last Sunday. I knew you were waiting for that. It was a hard fought battle at the Mad Mongoose Restaurant in Falmouth Harbour with a total of 8 players vying for the honours. I, of course, played brilliantly until the last two rounds. I ended up with so many dots I thought I was looking at the night sky.

There have not been many new arrivals to the anchorage, mostly departures. Paramour III and Ariel have left heading North. Chinook Arch will be leaving early next week. We did meet Stitches briefly before they had to return to Trinidad. It is time to meet some new people I guess. Fortunately, we found a good book exchange at Jane's Yacht Service. We managed to trade 9 paperbacks so we now have a whole new collection to choose from. We do go through a lot of books. It is interesting that, as the selection is limited, we read and enjoy many different books that we would not normally choose to read at home.

In answer to the other cliff hangers - I know I have kept you waiting long enough - I still have not sorted out cricket. I cannot even figure out the scoring although I listen intently to the scores as they are announced on English Harbour Radio. And we still have not received a second quote - four weeks after the incident. We have, however, started negotiations with the insurance company on the first quote. We will know more next week but the pause button is still engaged on the DVD of our trip. We are lucky to have an excellent insurance agent, Bob Raymond, of BC Yacht Insurance. He has been wonderful in helping us through these times and in trying to keep the process moving. We would recommend BC Yacht without hesitation.

So once again, stay tuned. Will we go or will we stay? How many books will we read? Who will arrive? This and more will be revealed next week.

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