Sunday, April 1, 2007

Antigua Week 7

We settled - an entirely unsettling experience. We have spent the week doing e-mails, phone calls, faxing, wrting proposals and waiting. Once again, Bob Raymond was excellent. At 1400 Friday afternoon, we sent off the final fax accepting a cash offer so we can fix her in Canada. We REALLY did not want to spend more time fixing boats in the Caribbean! One of the most difficult things about the whole process is that it puts your life on hold. It is like going to jail in the Monoploy of life. You have to wait to get out. You cannot make plans. You just work out different scenerios that will likely not come true. One of the things we like about cruising is the freedom of movement (depending on the weather). When suddenly stuck not of our own choosing, we felt really antsy about sitting still.

It will be nice to move on and start a new, hopefully less exciting, adventure. Taking Vagus home this year was our original plan and we are sticking to it. Who says we are not flexible? Only we will be taking her by a different route. She will be getting a ride via Dockwise Transport. The Dockwise ship actually sinks in the water like a floating dry dock and we drive Vagus over its stern. We wait as the ship rises, divers weld a cradle around Vagus, we say goodbye and off it goes. Dockwise has a neat web site describing the process. We have to meet the Dockwise ship in St. Thomas on May 28th. Between now and then we have to get a great big ugly patch put on the damaged area to keep the water out and sail Vagus to the Virgin Islands. Our route is still open for discussion but we want to be in the US Virgins by mid-May. It is mostly downwind and we have time to pick the calmest water (we hope). At least we will be able to pick up some Pussers Rum along the way in BVI.

To answer the other questions - I am starting to understand the "Short" version of cricket - the short version usually takes one whole day to play. It is remotely similar to baseball and about as enjoyable to watch. And the answer to the number of books read: Mine is 3, Karen lost count.

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