Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hello BVI!

The winds dropped and moved southerly and our time allowance in Antigua was drawing to a close. So early on Thursday the 12th, we raised anchor and headed North-west. We had a number of options for a destination with BVI being at the top of our list. We were able to sail for about 6 hours, then the winds dropped and the iron jib came on. Fortunately our jerry-rigged autopilot using the wind vane steering and a tiller autohelm worked great while motoring and we did not have to hand steer. We ended
up motoring for 24 hours, arriving in Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda about lunch time on Friday. After checking in, we went to Leverick Bay to rest up. We slept well that night. We were happy though as we were now in BVI - the home of clear water and great sailing. It has the clearest water of any of the Leewards and Windward islands and some of the best snorkeling.

At Leverick Bay we caught up with Always Saturday who we have not seen since 2006 in Trinidad. They have been cruising the Virgins and loving it. Karen was able to find a laundramat where she could actually do laundry and control the drying process - the first one since Trinidad. Normally she had to leave the laundry with a wash, dry and fold service with mixed results - such is one of the treats of the cruising life. Next we heard from Legend so we went down to Trellis Bay to catch up with them
and learn about where to go in St. John's. The winds were going Southerly, so we headed to Norman Island to find our favourite spot in BVI - at the Bight just off the rocks at the end of the bay. We can swim right off Vagus and snorkel the reef right beside us. We plan to stay a few days and catch our breath. Then we have about a month to putter around the British and US Virgins before shipping Vagus home. So no more long, overnight sails, just short day day sails for us.

I am writing this on the 18th at Norman's Island but am not sure when it will be posted. Our boat e-mail is spotty here and I am having trouble connecting - all the hills around us. Hope the weather is warming up at home.

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